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Empowering The Blind to See The World

Disability Inclusivity

At TVA we provide scenic guided tours with sighted guides to expand the entire experience of all the beauty Hawaii has to offer. All participants are welcomed and encouraged to bring their own sighted guide, guide dog or mobility cane to any of our events. We understand that blindness is a spectrum and vision loss varies greatly so we accommodate our participants according to their specific needs. Participants can relax in confidence knowing that the fine details of safety and accessibility are taken care of prior to their arrival to each activity with Braille, written and audio options for each activity, when necessary.

We’re designing our activities list to provide an activity suitable for all levels of vision loss. With the comfort of being surrounded by a group of BVI individuals our participants will build connections and friendships through commonality and fun. Safety and security is our priority so we screen all volunteers and educate them on how to guide a BVI person safely..  

We are currently surveying BVI Oahu residents to build our calendar of events.Click here to take the questionnaire and be involved in the development and planning of TVA. 

Upcoming Events... coming soon!

You’ll be sure to find something that will spark your interest. Our activities will not only be accessible and safe but will also heighten your other senses with the wonderful smells, tastes, feels and sounds of hawaii.

Community Outreach & Partnerships

At TVA we are partnering with other community learders and organizations to build fun and engaging activities for the BVI community in Hawaii.

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